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Habtoor Leighton Group launches new brand 22 June 2011

Habtoor Leighton Group launches new brand

The Habtoor Leighton Group (HLG) today announced the launch of a new brand, signifying a fresh, new unified approach to the company’s activities across the region.

The new brand, created by UAE-based Brash Brands, was officially launched today by Chairman Riad T. Sadik and CEO and Managing Director Laurie Voyer.

The previous HLG brand-mark was a combination of the Leighton International and Al Habtoor Engineering logos that was created in 2007 when the two companies merged.

Mr Voyer today welcomed the new brand as an opportunity for the Group to stand out visually in a crowded market.

“Our primary aim is to dispel the misconception in some quarters that HLG is a joint-venture between two separate companies and demonstrate that we are one, unified, fully-integrated organisation,” he said.

“A lot of research went into devising this new brand and we believe it helps to modernise the Group’s identity as we enter a period of growth after a challenging couple of years.”
The re-branding process is an enormous logistical task and the new logo will be systematically rolled out across the Group’s project sites over several months.
Minor variations of the new brand will be utilised in markets outside the UAE where the Group has already established itself under the Leighton name, but the overall branding will be clearly recognisable as being part of the Group.

“The new brand will not fundamentally change the organisation and how we operate.  While it will give us a polished, professional, unified appearance, we will still be the same quality contractor delivering quality projects for our clients," Mr Voyer said.

“This is an exciting step in the Group’s evolution, and highlights our fresh, positive, unified approach to the future.”