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HLG achieves First Pearl 2 Estidama Certification in UAE 10 March 2013

HLG achieves First Pearl 2 Estidama Certification in UAE

Set to become one of the world’s top industrial and logistics hubs, Khalifa Port and Kizad, developed by Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC), and designed and constructed in part by Habtoor Leighton Group (HLG), has been ranked among one of the UAE’s first ten Estidama projects.

Among the recently completed Estidama compliant facilities delivered by HLG is a Mosque (Masjid) and Emergency Response Centre (Fire Station), which are the first certificated buildings in their respective categories to achieve the 2 Pearl rating within UAE.

Other facilities designed and constructed by HLG to meet the a Estidama Pearl 2 rating also include an Onshore Maintenance Facility; Control Centre; and Passport and Immigration, Customs Monitoring and Environmental Agency Buildings.

HLG CEO and Managing Director Mr José Antonio López-Monís said the Pearl 2 Estidama certification is a good example of HLG’s ability to work collaboratively with all project participants to deliver customer's requirements and integrate Estidama's sustainability criteria into HLG’s design and construction response.

“We are very pleased to receive news of the Pearl 2 Estidama certification for a number of port buildings, and proud to have delivered the very first Mosque and Fire Station in the UAE – designed and constructed to Pearl 2 Estidama standards,” said Mr López-Monís.

Estidama is an environmental initiative of the Abu Dhabi Government and a local definition of sustainability, which combines social, economic and cultural aspects into environmental considerations as part of UAE's 2030 vision.

HLG was appointed by ADPC to deliver a major highway connection and associated infrastructure from Sheikh Zayed Road to Khalifa Port and Kizad.  HLG’s design and construction of the Onshore Port Facilities were developed to meet the specific requirements of ADPC and delivered as per schedule. The Group’s scope of works includes: 

  • 75 Governmental and supporting facilities.
  • 15 million cubic metres of earthworks
  • 28 kilometres of two, three and four-lane dual carriageways
  • 5 bridges
  • 48 major services culverts and bridges
  • 7 kilometres MSE walls
  • 177 kilometres of electrical reticulation
  • 279 kilometres of telecommunications/communication distribution
  • 104 kilometres of pipelines


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