HLG Contracting

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  • Location : Oman
  • Contract Value US$ : 305 Million
  • Client : Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC), Sultanate of Oman
  • Commencement : 2011
  • Completion : 2014

The works involve the expansion of a 75-kilometre section of road from a single, two-lane carriageway to a four-lane dual carriageway.

The scope of work also includes the construction of nine interchanges and 50 kilometres of service roads. The Package 1B is the last 75 kilometres of Section 1 and includes a major bypass where the road alignment deviates from that of the existing to avoid the populated urban area of Ibra with a second minor bypass of six kilometres to improve the road alignment.

The project includes nine interchanges, two underpasses, two overpasses along with associated retaining wall structures and approximately 171 reinforced concrete culverts. Other works include signing, road marking, safety barriers, miscellaneous road furniture and street lighting.