HLG Contracting

  • JOC(Package8)-01
  • Location : Dubai, U.A.E.
  • Contract Value US$ : 395 Million
  • Client : Dubai International Real Estate (DIRE)
  • Commencement : 2014

Construction only of Jewel of the Creek (Package 8) includes completion of Civil, Architecture and MEP for part of the four existing basements as well as construction of six buildings comprising:

  • A1.0 Building: A 5 star Hotel G+17 floors
  • A2.0 Building: Serviced Apartments G+15 floors
  • A3.0 Building: Serviced Apartments G+15 floors
  • A4.0 Building: Serviced Apartments G+15 floors
  • A5.0 Building: Serviced Apartments G+19 floors
  • F3.0 Building: Ballroom and Conference venue G-2

External works include:

  • Inner creek (canal) waterproofing & protection work
  • Ground floor: all areas: waterproofing and protection
  • Vehicle bridge crossing the canal
  • Design & Construction of foot bridges crossing the canal
  • Build up the Rmu room in area C1.0
  • Supply & install the LPG system and gas tanks including civil works
  • Internal and external signage
  • Security systems, CCTV and access controls
  • Cafes and Restaurants including kitchens, pantries, stores, etc
  • Waste management systems

Hard and soft landscaping wil;l be delivered for the entire plot (129- 104) and other miscellaneous works include: saw cutting down to the inner creek slab level of diaphragm wall, adjacent to floating bridge and card away the debris; removal of the existing temporary reinforced concrete wall closing the canal near the floating bridge; breaking and removal of mass concrete wall adjacent to floating bridge; and completion of the transformer room in basement 1 (civil & MEP)