HLG Contracting

  • Ma'aden-Alcoa-700x530
  • Location : Saudi Arabia
  • Contract Value US$ : 169 Million
  • Client : Ma’aden Alcoa Aluminium joint venture
  • Commencement : 2012

HLG (operating as Leighton Middle East Contracting Company) in joint venture with Dragados Gulf Construction Company/ Intecsa Industrial (ACS Group), has recently been awarded a US$169 million contract in Saudi Arabia for the construction of mine-related infrastructure for the Ma’aden Alcoa Aluminium joint venture’s bauxite mine. HLG’s share of the contract is worth US$85 million.

The project is located at Al Ba’itha in a desert landscape approximately 200 km north-east of the city of Burayda in the Qassim central region of Saudi Arabia. The mineral from the bauxite mine will be transported by train using the North-South Railway that connects the mine to the aluminium smelter Ma’aden is constructing at Ras Al Khair.

HLG – Dragados Gulf / Intecsa scope of works includes construction of:

  • A pioneer fly camp and temporary facilities main camp
  • The material handling system – including crushing plant and mechanical conveyors
  • A 250 x 200 metre mine village – including accommodation 
  • Connecting roads and utilities