HLG Contracting

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  • Location : Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
  • Contract Value US$ : 681 Million
  • Client : Tourism Development and Investment Corporation (TDIC)
  • Commencement : 2007
  • Completion : 2010

Habtoor Leighton Group was responsible for the construction of 20.3 kilometres of road network including 6.5 kilometres of 10-lane expressway linking Abu Dhabi City with Yas Island.

In addition to the construction of the expressway and local road network, the project scope included:

  • Six major bridges with a total deck length of 1.6 kilometres
  • Four bridges over the golf course cart access track
  • 870 metres cut and cover tunnel
  • 30 kilometres of potable water network, including three ground water storage tanks with a combined capacity of 25.4 million imperial gallons, pumping station, substation, generator building and associated fuel storage facilities, MCC building, chemical dosing building and a guard house.
  • 10.7 kilometres of storm water drainage network including three pumping stations complete with MCC and generator buildings and associated fuel storage facilities
  • 22.3 kilometres of sewerage system including a sewage pumping station and sewage treatment plant and associated MCC and generator buildings.
  • High and low voltage power distribution network including 17 streetlight substations
  • Telecommunications fibre optic cable network
  • Various other mechanical, electrical and civil works.