HLG Contracting


HLG's building expertise encompasses hotel developments, commercial and retail developments, residential developments, hospitals and healthcare facilities, education and cultural developments, industrial facilities, sports facilities and government/ defence buildings.

  • Hotels


    HLG has delivered numerous large-scale hotel developments across the Middle East. The business specialises in combining region-specific design elements with modern architectural features and finishes.

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  • Commercial and retail

    Commercial and retail

    HLG is one of the region’s most recognised and respected builders of multi-story commercial and retail developments.

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  • Hospitals and healthcare

    Hospitals and healthcare

    HLG has a strong track record in the construction of hospitals and healthcare facilities and complexes.

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  • Residential


    HLG has an extensive portfolio of completed residential developments from luxury villas to private and serviced apartments.

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  • Education and culture

    Education and culture

    HLG understands the importance of developing a knowledge economy and it is recognised as the leading education and culture infrastructure contractor in the Middle East and North Africa.

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  • Industrial facilities

    Industrial facilities

    HLG and our related companies are recognised as leaders in the design and construction of industrial facilities, including manufacturing and process facilities.

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  • Sports facilities

    Sports facilities

    HLG and its related companies have delivered a range of major sporting facilities.

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  • Government/defence buildings

    Government/defence buildings

    HLG has successfully delivered a range of building projects across the Middle East and North Africa.

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